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Q&A with an epidemiologist

With many countries under lockdown and having given curfews, people tend to believe that there has been no development to the outbreak yet. However, this is not true and reporter Isaac Chotiner from “The New Yorker” interviewed professor Justin Kessler, a professor of epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, asking several commonly asked questions on the virus.

Epidemiologists, also known as “Disease Detectives”, search for the origins of diseases and identify ways to cope with, stop, or prevent the spread of the diseases. They look for symptoms, people already infected, and how they got infected.

In this interview, professor Kessler is asked several commonly asked questions, revolving around the complexity of the disease, any developments on understanding the disease, developments on ways to stop and prevent it, and the idea of being immune to it after getting it once.

This source is reliable as the questions are being answered by a professor who specializes in the matter at hand. Make sure to read the source to have most of your questions answered and to strengthen your understanding of the coronavirus.

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