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Ingesting bleach and/or any other disinfectants

After Trump had suggested that ingesting bleach could somehow aid and benefit an individual trying to protect themselves against COVID-19, the World Health Organization (WHO) assures otherwise. According to the WHO Bleach and any other Disinfectants should not be ingested under any circumstances. They are poisonous and are not only useless in preventing COVID-19 when ingested, but if introduced to ones internal organs it can cause serious damage and harm. While Disinfectants may kill viruses on surfaces, it is confirmed they will definitely not kill the viruses in humans bodies. Keep children away from these disinfectants, and make sure they are out of reach. Be careful with using these Disinfectants as they can bring harm in more than one way. Make sure to use ONLY on surfaces, and not expose yourself to them too regularly.

Sources: BBC WHO

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